Once upon a time, there were 2 brothers…

No, this is not the beginning of another fairytale – it is the beginning of OUR story.

When the 9-to-5 job just wasn’t enough for the income they wanted to earn, for the experience they wanted to gain and for new skills they wanted to develop, the brothers had a ‘’light bulb moment’’:


“Hey, why not make such a place?!”

Okay, what do we need?

– More working hours. But flexible.

-Full legal protection, so we don’t breach the contract with our current employer.

-Can I bring along the people I like working with me? -That would be awesome!?

“That idea became a vision, the vision was shared with others and based on that, a company was founded” wrote Srdjan Dejanovic, one of the brothers from the beginning of our story and Octa’s Co-Founder.


Who are we now?

Today, we are a growing network of skilled and ambitious professionals that excel in different fields of software engineering and legal expertise.

And yes – we encourage our employees to bring their team and work with whom they feel most comfortable with.

And yes – Every member of our team is provided with a lawyer that is available 24/7!

Oh, we almost forgot to mention – you get to choose the projects you like and technologies you feel most comfortable working with.

In short- ‘’It’s like getting a new dream job, but without having to leave the old one.’’

And now – every single member of OCTA Community is part of that dream. The interesting thing is that more and more people are going from part-time to full-time engagement in our company.


How does all this sound to you?

Become part of OCTA Community and you can work on projects you like, as much as you like, from wherever you like!

All you have to do is to FILL IN THIS CONTACT FORM  on our website, so we know what can be A ”CUSTOM-FIT” project just for you, according to your professional qualifications, experience, and preferences!

Click on the link above and become part of our Community. We are waiting for you.


Author: Dunja Funduk